Model Haida Totem Dylan Montjoy

Native Totem - Bear and Beaver Totem by Dylan Montjoy

Haida Totem - 3 figure Totem by Dylan Montjoy C2007

Nicely carved 3 figure Totem with the Bear holding a Watchmen then a Beaver with the cross hatch carved into the tail then the Raven with the 3 Watchmen sitting on his head. The pole has been deeply carved and knife finished the back of the pole is all hollowed out and set on a yellow cedar base.
The measurements are 51 inches high x 6 1/2 inches wide x 5 1/2 inches deep.

Price $8,500.00 CDN

photo of Model Haida Totem Dylan Montjoy

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Art Piece: "Model Haida Totem Dylan Montjoy"
Artist: Dylan Montjoy
Art Piece Name: ma121-l

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