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Yvonne Maximchuk - Painter

photo of yvonne maximchuckYvonne Maximchuk lives in her waterfront studio/home on Gilford Island. Maximchuk is a versatile and dedicated artist whose mastery of a wide variety of media, technique and subject is unique among west coast Canadian artists. From the realm of wildlife floral and figure painting, through impressionistic garden and west coast scenery to visionary and complex non-objective art that invokes an emotional response, it is the rich joyful colour that is the unifying quality of her work.

Maximchuk especially loves to paint garden portraits and work from photos or on-site. Mutually agreeable arrangements can be made for commissioned paintings.

All her works are original; watercolours are painted on 100% rag paper and acrylics on stretched canvas.

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Yvonne Maximchuk

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photo of Cape Caution By Yvonne Maximchuk Cape Caution By Yvonne Maximchuk
Original Acrylic - Cape Caution by Yvonne Maximchuk
Acrylic Painting - Cape Caution by Yvonne Maximchuk

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