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photo of aubrey johnsonAubrey is a member of the Weka'yi First Nation, and is a descendant of the Wallace, Assu, and Simeon families. He can also trace his ancestry to the Haida through his maternal grandmother.
His artistic abilities have been refined through working with Floyd Joseph and Jack James Jr. Aubrey works fulltime at his art in a variety of mediums. He is well known
for his finely detailed work, such as the model polesMiniature masks and intricate carved rattles, broaches and combs he creates.

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photo of Mussel Rattle Aubry Johnson Mussel Rattle Aubry Johnson
Native Rattle - Mussel Rattle by Aubrey Johnson c2006
Rattle - Mussel Rattle by Aubrey Johnson c2006

Fully carved mussel...

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